Chetan Kapur Spells Success With Chain Of Local Book Stores

Chetan Kapur has always loved books, particularly unique titles by small press publishers. A decade ago, he opened a small, corner book store outside of Oklahoma City, gambling on the chance that there were other readers looking for obscure titles. Today Chetan Kapur is enjoying considerable success with a chain of five book stores that cater to the eclectic and sometimes unusual tastes of his customers.

Chetan Kapur Opens Book Stores After Frustrating Search For Reading Materials

Chetan Kapur earned his MBA in 1995 and worked successfully in the pharmaceutical sales field for five years, but felt there was something missing. In 2001, after a frustrating search for books on a variety of esoteric subjects, Chetan Kapur realized that the large, chain book stores were catering to the best seller lists. He began scouting small press publishers and soon developed a business plan, opening his first store in 2003. Today, Chetan Kapur’s book stores offer thousands of titles by little known authors from around the globe. Each store also offers special orders at no additional cost.

Chetan Kapur Passes His Love Of Books On To His Children

Chetan Kapur’s wife, Aaniya, and their three daughters share his love of reading and enjoy visiting his stores regularly. His oldest daughter, now a high school junior, has already decided to get a business management degree so that she can help open and manage at least one of Chetan Kapur’s book stores when the time comes.

Chetan Kapur attributes his success to his loyal customers. “We aren’t like the big box stores,” Kapur explained. “We cater to readers who love reading unusual or rare titles. We know that plenty of readers are looking for something beyond mass market paperbacks and we give them a rich selection of books to choose from. Today’s readers can find everything they’ve been looking for at any one of our book stores”.